About Our Company


Eric Tack, the owner of Executive Clothiers, has twenty years' experience working in the men's custom clothing industry.  He works with many top executives, television personalities, and athletes in the Denver area.  

While our product is fine clothing, solid wardrobe advice and image consultation is part of what sets Eric apart from the crowd.


What We Offer


Executive Clothiers offers our clients a full wardrobe service, from essentials to accessories.  Whether you are looking for a new tailored suit or custom designed sport shirts, our selection is deep in all categories.

Suits, sportcoats, trousers, dress shirts, shoes, neckwear, belts, cufflinks, socks, sport shirts, topcoats and formal wear are all in our repertoire. 


Along with items for your wardrobe, Eric offers professional consultation in personal imaging, and how to stack the deck in your favor by using wardrobe as a business tool.

One of the most common hurdles men tend to place in their own career path is not presenting a clear message of who they are and what they have to offer professionally.  Eric helps his clients avoid this issue by using their wardrobes to help brand themselves.